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Massage is Pasadena

Looking for a professional masseur in Pasadena? In the Sunflower Day Spa there are such! Our masters have passed many training courses on various types and techniques of massage, so you can address them with any problem.

Why massage? Here you can find some pasadena massage company reviews. The first and most popular massage function is relaxation. Sometimes it is difficult to help the clamped, tensed muscles in another way. Massage helps to recover after serious physical exertion or vice versa - long immobility. Massage helps relieve stress and cope with psychological stress and fatigue. For this, there are special neurosedational techniques. Some types of massage help to eliminate cosmetic defects - for example, cellulite or facial wrinkles. And in general, massage has a very beneficial effect on the skin condition - it improves her tone, improves blood supply and nutrition. And, of course, massage has a serious curative effect. It helps to cope with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, remove pain syndrome. It is important to remember that only specialists with medical education should deal with therapeutic massage!

What services do we provide? Massage at the Sunflower Day Spa on Lake Ave Street is done by excellent specialists. They work with a variety of types of massage and constantly expand the arsenal of techniques. Here are the types of massage offered by our masters:

• classical;
• all kinds of sports massage pasadena;
• lymph drainage and hemolymphatic drainage;
• neurosedative face and body massage;
• anti-cellulite;
• stone therapy (work with stones);
• different types of wraps.

We do massage of different zones:
• general massage;
• massage of the collar zone;
• massage of the limbs;
• massage of back and waist;
• head massage.

We have specialists who work not only with adult clients, but also make gentle children's massage. A full range of services of our masseurs you can find in the price list.

Why the Sunflower Day Spa? The choice of a masseur must be taken very seriously and responsibly. Remember: an unprofessional masseur can do a very serious harm! We take care of the health of our customers and invite only highly qualified specialists to work. All our masters have received appropriate training and received certificates of education. They are constantly developing, learning new techniques and improving their skills. So, if you need a massage therapist in Pasadena, California - be aware that in the Sunflower Day Spa you will be in good hands. You can find us at 829 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA. Our website is, our e-mail is and our phone number is 1(626)808-9888 - do not hesitate to contact us!



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